You will be happy to know that our association has been exempted from Income Tax u/s 12A by the Commissioner of Income Tax, Noida. Anybody giving donation to our association can claim deduction under Section 80G.

Aims and Objectives

•To endeavour to maintain and improve the cultural heritage of India – particularly Culture of KANPUR- under its area of jurisdiction.

•To arrange for intellectual discussions and to maintain and create interests in art and culture and also to arrange and hold lectures, seminars on educational subjects and/or subjects connected with science, arts, sports, games and religion with the sole intention to percolate cultural heritage of India to the younger generation.

•To conduct, organize and perform various rituals and ceremonies, cultural and social functions as well as various Indian festivals.

•To promote the study, practice and impart knowledge on science, arts, literatures, rituals, yoga and all other branches of knowledge for an over all development of physical, mental and spiritual health of the members and such other activities in the interest of the Objectives of the SAMAJ

•To provide facilities for recreation, games, sports, physical exercises and/or for the development of any art such as yoga, meditation, etc.

•To provide a platform for its members to meet, deliberate and pursue issues relating to various activities that it plans or do relating to Indian culture and ethics in National Capital Region.

•To educate the public by means of lectures, articles, publications and distribution of periodicals, pamphlets, wall posters, handbills, magazines, etc.

•To promote the study, practice and conduct all types of cultural entertainments and functions as are incidental or conducive to the objects of the SAMAJ.

•To do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

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